Happy Sunday! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

I know how easy it can be to lose motivation to workout.  Whether your too tired, don't feel like leaving the house, not having enough time, or anything else!  I know how that feels, this is why I have come up with a list of the ways to help stay motivated and focused.  

-Write it down, say it out loud.  Hold yourself accountable!  It is one thing to have a goal in your head.  It is completely different when you actually wright it down and say it out loud.  This way you hold yourself accountable.  People often are too afraid to do this because they are afraid of failure.  Say your goal out loud, hold yourself accountable, and accomplish it!

-Be confident.  This is critical for me!  When I have an outfit on that I feel confident in I am so much more likely to push myself at the gym.  I love finding new outfits that I want to wear to workout.  Find something that makes you feel confident!  

-Go for a walk.  Sometimes the hardest part is the first step out the door.  Instead of telling yourself that you are going to go running, start with a walk.  Put your workout clothes on and go out to get some fresh air.  After ten minutes of walking reassess your motivation levels.

-Eat healthy.  Exercise should be a reward for your body instead of a punishment.  When you eat healthy you are helping your body do the things it needs.  You will have more energy, sleep better, and so much more!  

-Remember why you started.  Often times when we lose motivation we forget the reason why we started.  For me I exercise for many reasons- to feel good, relieve stress, be confident, be healthy, etc... whatever your reason is remember it and use it to push yourself to achieve your goals.

-Surround yourself with motivation.  This is so important!! When you are surrounded by people and things that help to motivate you everything is so much easier!  Take all of the negative energy out of your life and surround yourself with people and things that will uplift you.

-Music. For me finding good music is huge! It can completely change my mood.  Find a good playlist that will get you pumped up even when you don't have a lot of energy.

-Try something new.  One reason many people lose motivation is because they do the same thing over and over again.  Go try a new activity, mix things up a bit to keep it exciting!  It can be so hard to find motivation to workout when you do it all by yourself.  Try something new and find a gym buddy!  You can make each other accountable and have fun trying different types of workouts.

-Keep a journal. After you workout write down how you feel.  It is very easy to forget how good exercising makes you feel.  If you write down your thoughts and feelings after your workout you can look back on it when you have lost motivation and need to remember how good it makes you feel.

Have a great week! 

XO, Kenz