Outdoor Workouts

Hat          Shorts          Tank          Shoes

I love summer for so many reasons...one of my favorites being warm weather means outside workouts! It gets so easy to think that the only place to workout is a gym.  There are so many other places to workout than just the gym AND it doesn't cost you a penny!  Just head to the park or even do it in your backyard.  

A big thing for me is looking the part.  If I look good then I feel good.  If I feel good then I do good.  I love finding new workout clothes that make me feel confident and beautiful!

Summers are busy, but find time to get a workout in - I promise you won't regret it!  Even 15 minutes is better than nothing.  If you need an idea of what to do try this total body workout that you can do anywhere:

Squat jumps (15)

Push-ups (15)

Lying leg lifts (15)

Lunge walks (8 each leg)

Tricep dips (15)

In-n-outs/lemon squeezes (15)

Do the whole thing 3 times through (as fast as you can)! Go out and crush it today!

XO, Kenz

PS - If you guys want me to post workout videos too, just let me know!