Maroon and Lace

Leggings          Shoes          Shirt (similar)

I swear sometimes it gets to hard to find quality time to spend with my husband!  With us both working, we don't get home until late at night and by then we are both so tired already.  When we find the time to go out together it makes me cherish it so much!  Spending quality time together is something we have found that really helps our marriage.  I like to designate one night a week that we can go out and spend time together without anything else getting in the way.

When we went out over the weekend I got the opportunity to wear these new leggings that I am in love with and my favorite lace top.  They are the perfect combination of pieces to transition into fall because of the flowy white lace (more of a summer shirt) and these to die for maroon bottoms (more for fall) paired with some cute booties.  These leggings are the best because they are more comfier than jeans, but also a little nicer than regular leggings.  Win, win!

 Hope you all have a good rest of your week!

XO, Kenz