Getting Ready for Fall

Booties (similar + similar here)          Dress (similar + similar here)          Hat

We are finally getting some cooler weather which means I can start wearing something other than sandals!  Fall is the best time of year because that means sweaters, leggings, and boots (three of my favorite things!)  Although I don't think I will be wearing a jacket anytime soon, I can start to pull out (and buy😜) some fall closet staples.  

On a compete sidenote.....we went to the BYU vs. Utah football game on Saturday and it was the most exciting/also disappointing game I have been to!!  We were able to get field passes through my husband who used to play for the U.  Unfortunately we were on the U's sideline (if you know me you know I am a die hard BYU fan), but it was so much fun being right up by the action!! If you have me on snapchat I apologize for being annoying because I basically filmed every play and put it on my story haha.  Even though we lost by one point in the last 18 seconds of the game, it was the most fun game I have been to!  

Make the most out of your week!

XO, Kenz

Pink Stripes

Shirt (similar)     Handbag     Watch     Sunnies     Jeans (similar)     Bracelets     Necklace

I am loving the black and gold details paired with this pink striped top.  It really brings the whole look together.  I'm trying to soak up the last little bit of summer before the weather starts getting cold!  We are heading to Arizona this weekend so I definitely won't be worried about chilly weather (it is still over 100 degrees there!)  

Enjoy the rest of the week!!

XO, Kenz

Maroon and Lace

Leggings          Shoes          Shirt (similar)

I swear sometimes it gets to hard to find quality time to spend with my husband!  With us both working, we don't get home until late at night and by then we are both so tired already.  When we find the time to go out together it makes me cherish it so much!  Spending quality time together is something we have found that really helps our marriage.  I like to designate one night a week that we can go out and spend time together without anything else getting in the way.

When we went out over the weekend I got the opportunity to wear these new leggings that I am in love with and my favorite lace top.  They are the perfect combination of pieces to transition into fall because of the flowy white lace (more of a summer shirt) and these to die for maroon bottoms (more for fall) paired with some cute booties.  These leggings are the best because they are more comfier than jeans, but also a little nicer than regular leggings.  Win, win!

 Hope you all have a good rest of your week!

XO, Kenz

Classic Look

Jean Jacket      Tee      Purse      Sunnies      Shoes (on sale!)      Jeans      Watch    Necklace

The weekend is here!!!  Let me start off by saying how obsessed I am with this short sleeve jean jacket!!  It seriously goes with just about everything and it is perfect for summer/fall because it isn't as hot as a long sleeve jacket but still gives the same look.  The light wash is perfect because you can pair it with any pair of jeans!  Denim is so timeless and I can definitely say this will be in my closet for a long time!  I think I wear this striped tee at least twice a week.  It is the easiest thing to put on when I don't know what to wear and it makes for such a cute outfit with any pair of jeans.  Pairing these two items with a nude heel and gold accessories makes for a perfect classic look!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!  Take advantage of the warm weather because before we know it, it will be time to bring out the scarves and beanies!

XO, Kenz


Dress          Shoes          Necklace (similar)          Sunnies (similar)

Happy Monday y'all! Today is the perfect day to start off a good week! I have been so busy lately, it has been hard to find time to post.  We have been in California spending all of our time at the beach and eating Mexican food ( I mean can you blame me??? They have the best Mexican food!) It has been like living in paradise here in Huntington Beach.  I was definitely born a beach girl.  I will have another post coming soon talking all about our California trip!

Anyways... I am dying over this floral dress that I found! These colors are so vibrant and look absolutely stunning.  It is so flattering and makes me look super tan, which I love.  This dress is perfect for a summer date night or a night out with the girls!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

XO, Kenz

Sunny Sundays




I absolutely love Sundays... especially when they are nice and sunny like this.  Sundays are my days to take a break from all of the crazy things going on during the week and just relax and spend time with my family.  One of my favorite parts about Sundays is going over to my in-laws house for Sunday dinner.  We always have the BEST food and I get to enjoy time with them.

I am loving the stripes on this dress because they can go with so much! It is also so lightweight and comfy - perfect for summer.  Plus, these nude lace up heels are perfect because they will match anything and everything.  I like how this outfit is so simple yet it can be casual and classy.  

XO, Kenz

The Perfect Summer Dress...

Dress          Sunnies          Shoes          Sunnies          Bracelets          Watch

I am so in love with my new dress from The Stockplace! It is perfect for any occasion this summer.  You can pair it with sandals and fun sunglasses for a more casual look, or put on some cute summer wedges and a pair of Ray-Bans to dress it up a little.  The grey and white stripes are perfect because they go with pretty much anything. You can even add some other patterns to the outfit because who doesn't love mixing patterns! This dress is so unbelievably comfy and the high low cut is so flattering (it makes me look like I have long legs even though I am only 5'4" haha)! This is definitely going to be one of my go-to dresses this summer.  The Stockplace is one of my favorite online shops because all of the clothes are absolutely adorable and the owners are the two cutest ladies on the whole earth! Go and check out The Stockplace and I promise you won't regret it!  Here are a couple of my favorite items from their shop (click on the picture to go directly to the website)...

XO, Kenz

Happy 4th

Dress          Heels          Lips          Necklace          Apple Watch          Clutch

Happy fourth y'all!! I love the Fourth of July because it's perfect for BBQs, parades, and fireworks! Most importantly though... I am so grateful to everyone who has sacrificed and does sacrifice for the freedom of our country.  One of my favorite songs that reminds me of the Fourth of July is American Kids by Kenny Chesney.  It's perfect because it describes the freedom that we have and the opportunity to live our lives doing whatever makes us happy.  

This look was perfect for church yesterday because it is so cute and festive!  This is my new favorite dress... it is so comfy, flattering, and fitting for any occasion.  The lipstick completes this outfit.  The bold lip adds a pop of color to this denim look.  And these shoes!! The nude is perfect because it goes with so much and the lace-up is to die for!

Thank you so much to everyone who has served our country.  I am so grateful for the wonderful land that we live in! God bless America!

XO, Kenz 


Rain Boots          Dress          Handbag plus it's on sale!!          Umbrella (similar)

Still trying to get back into the swing of things after our Park City trip!  It has been so nice having sunny weather, but I do love a good summer rain!  It is so refreshing after it has been so hot lately.  I love seeing the rainbows and the fresh smell it brings.  It is a good reminder to me of how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place.  It is so easy to get caught up in life and just go though the motions.  Looking around after it rains helps me to remember to take a second to slow down and look at everything I have to be thankful for.

This is definitely gonna be my go-to outfit when it rains this summer.  I love this dress because it is so incredibly comfy and it is easy to throw on when you find out last minute that it's raining! These rain boots are also some of my favorites.  The black goes with pretty much everything plus they are super light which makes them great for summer!  I have had this cheetah print umbrella forever and I am in love with it!  It adds some fun to every outfit I wear with it!  It is definitely one of my favorite staple pieces in my closet.

XO, Kenz

Park City Getaway

Shoes          Hat          Dress          Handbag

We had such a blast in Park City for our anniversary! One of the things I love most about Park City is how breathtakingly beautiful it is.  I love being up in the mountains with all of the trees and  still having nice weather.

We did tons of shopping, went golfing, jet skiing, out to dinner, walked along main street, and hung out by the pool.  It was so nice and relaxing that I didn't want to come home (even though we only live 25 minutes away)!  I already can't wait for our next trip up there!

XO, Kenz

Date Night

Similar Pants          Shoes          Similar Tee          Similar Necklace

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy! We have spent all of our time moving from Alpine to Holladay and getting the new house ready.  We have eaten countless nights of take out and the thought of any more fast food makes me sick to my stomach.  Needless to say we have finished moving in and I finally have a kitchen! Home cooked meals have never tasted so good!

We finally had time to go out on a date.  With moving in the past couple weeks it has been so hard to find quality time together because by the end of the day we are so exhausted from working on the house that all we want to do is sleep!  It was nice to get out of the house for a night to go out!

XO, Kenz