Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant

I truly believe that one of the reasons that this pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly for me is because I have been keeping up with my fitness routine. While there are some obvious changes I have had to make due to the pregnancy regarding my fitness routine, exercising while pregnant has truly been a huge blessing for me! Today I want to briefly talk about just some (of the many) benefits of exercising while pregnant.

Benefits for mom:

  • Minimizes excess weight gain

  • Reduces the risk of nausea, heartburn, swelling, varicose veins, and pregnancy-induced hypertension

  • Helps prevent pregnancy pains and injuries

  • Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes

  • Improves sleep, energy, self-esteem, and mood

  • Reduces the need for medical intervention during labor

  • Helps speed up postpartum recovery

Benefits for baby:

  • Improves placental function

  • Improves baby’s health at birth

  • Improves cardiorespiratory health of the baby

  • Reduces risk of becoming overweight or obese as a child

  • Improves baby’s ability to deal with the stress of labor

Pregnancy is NOT a disability. Pregnancy should be enjoyed and should be a positive experience for women and I truly believe that exercising while pregnant will helps with both of these!

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*I am not a doctor. Please consult your OB/GYN before beginning a fitness program/routine.