The 6 Flavors of Self-Care

Happy Wednesday! Self care has been a huge topic lately and I am all on board with it! I am a firm believer that if we take care of ourselves, we will be better able to help others. With that being said, lets talk about the 6 flavors of self-care and a couple ideas for each one:

  1. Educational: Find a book or class that interests you

  2. Social: Develop a friend group that you can have girls night out with or find a group of women on social media with similar interests that you can connect with

  3. Inspirational: Listen to a motivational podcast, TEDtalk, or youtube video

  4. Relaxational: Take a hot bath, a power nap, or sit down and watch your favorite tv show

  5. Recreational: Find a new fitness class, go to the spa, or take yourself on a much needed vacation

  6. Physical: Go for a walk, use a foam roller, or stretch

Dedicate some time each week (or even better-each day) to yourself and bettering yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In order to hit these three areas make sure you are doing things from each flavor and not just relying on one flavor to provide you with all the results.

Thanks for stopping by! I will see you all next week!