Second Trimester Overview

Overall the second trimester was SO much easier than the first trimester for me!  Many of the annoying symptoms of the first trimester went away.  Not to say this second trimester was easy, but it was definitely a lot easier than the first!

My energy levels during my second trimester picked back up which made my workouts a lot easier to be consistent and back to normalish.  Obviously I have had to make some changes due to the pregnancy, but it has been so nice to get back to some good sweats in the gym!  Working out during this pregnancy has really helped me to feel like myself and I also feel like keeping up with my fitness routine has helped me avoid some of the negative symptoms of pregnancy.

Obviously I have gained more weight during this second trimester which has taken some adjusting to.  My belly feels a lot heavier so I have had to make some adjustments (like making sure I wear supportive shorts/leggings at the gym).  Going along with gaining weight…it’s gotten to the point where I have a very select few items in my closet that still fit.  I don’t try and force anything because honestly at this point I am all about comfort, so I stick to the things I know will work and a couple of the things I have had to buy (maternity jeans, align leggings, comfy sports bras).

Sleeping has also been a little bit of an adjustment for me.  I am definitely not a side sleeper so that has been tough for me. Sleeping on my side has always been difficult (especially now), but I have found that putting a pillow in between my knees helps a tons with preventing lower back pain.  (And yes, in case you were wondering I still have to pee all the time so I am getting more used to my nightly  trips to the bathroom!)

My appetite has been pretty much back to normal which has been nice considering during my first trimester the only thing that was carbs!  It has been a lot easier to eat healthier this second trimester without feeling like I am going to throw up every time I eat something other than carbs! haha

Overall I am feeling much more like myself this second trimester (other than this big bump sticking out of the front of me!).  It has also gotten a lot easier for me to love and accept this growing body of mine.  I feel so blessed to be able to grow this beautiful baby girl!

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