Why You Should Find Things That Rock Your World and Do Them More Often

Happy Wednesday! Gosh, what a beautiful day to be alive! I know we all have things in our lives that aren’t going right, but when you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing.

Here is what I want you to do right now: Come up with 5 things that rock your world. These are things that only benefit you (yes, be selfish), things that are special and don’t happen everyday, and things that you enjoy regardless of what anyone else things about them. A couple of mine include getting a massage, going out with my girl friends, and relaxing on the beach.

Now that you have found your five things, I want you to commit to doing more of those things this year.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. When you take care of yourself and treat yourself it doesn’t only benefit you, it benefits everyone else around you because you will be happier and better able to help others. Don’t feel guilty about going out and doing these things. Forget about if everyone else thinks it’s stupid, if you enjoy it do more of it!!

Doing more of these things will not just make you happier and enjoy life more, but they will also help to reduce stress, improve your mood, make you more grateful, allow you to give more, and so many other wonderful things! I don’t know about you, but when I get home from a massage, I am so much more patient, I don’t get annoyed by little things, and I am much more pleasant to be around! I don’t go get massages everyday, but that is what makes getting them so special!

This year do more things that rock your world and I promise life will be so much more enjoyable and you will be so much happier! And when you enjoy your life and your happy, endless possibilities will come your way!

Thanks for stopping by!