Know Your Destination

Hey there! Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a fabulous week and hopefully enjoying some warmer weather as summer is approaching!

Something I have thought about a lot lately is the importance of knowing your destination. Imagine this:

You are standing in the middle of the room and someone says “Walk to that corner”. You begin walking to the corner but there is a chair in the way. What do you do? You walk around the chair and continue your path to the corner.

Did you even think twice about having to go around the chair before continuing on your path to the corner? No, because that is what you needed to do in order to reach your destination. Now think about how you would have reacted if you didn’t know your destination and you came up to a chair that was in your path. Would you go around the chair, would you choose a different direction to go in, or would you just stop wherever the chair was? After all you don’t know where you are supposed to go, so how do you know how you are supposed to get there?

This same exact principle applies to our lives. If we have a destination in mind, whenever a road block comes up we do whatever it takes to get around the road block and continue towards are destination. But when we have no destination in mind as soon as we hit a road block we are most likely to give up. Obstacles are so much easier to overcome when we have a clear destination.

How many areas of your life do you have a clear destination of where you want to be? Maybe the area you’re lacking in has to do with fitness, maybe it has to do with nutrition, maybe it has to do with your relationship with your spouse, whatever it may be KNOW YOUR DESTINATION and I promise that it will be so much easier to overcome the road blocks when they come up.