Our Gender Reveal...

We are so excited to be adding a little GIRL to the family this September!!!

We were debating for weeks on how to do our “gender reveal”.  We had all these big ideas on getting all the family together and doing something unique.  As the weeks kept going on we still had all of our big ideas, but getting all of our family and friends together to do a reveal was going to be a challenge and probably wouldn’t happen for a while.  The envelope with the gender had been sitting on the counter for a couple of weeks and the anticipation was killing us!  Monday night we were talking about gender reveal plans again and nothing seemed to fall into place with gathering everyone together, so right then we decided to open the envelope just the two of us.  Our “plans” we definitely a lot more elaborate and fancy than how it actually happened, but looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  As fun as it is to get all dressed up and go out, most nights thats not us.  This video is a perfect description of what most evenings look like in our house- sweats, no make up, haven’t washed my hair in about 5 days, playing with Griffey, and catching up on our favorite tv shows, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

To be completely honest with you, I originally wanted something that “looked the part”.  I wanted to do a reveal that looked nice and we could spread all over social media.  I would see others peoples pictures and videos and think “thats what I want!”.  I really had to humble myself and remember that doing something that ACTUALLY made me happy was a lot more important than doing something that just made me LOOK happy.  So here I am sharing with you the raw and uncut video of us finding out the gender of our very first baby (and yes, you get to enjoy the first couple minutes of me literally having anxiety about opening the envelope), and it’s absolutely perfect!