Why You're Not Hitting Your Goals...

Why aren’t you hitting your goals?? Do you ever ask yourself this question? And let’s be real…do you ever come up with a really good excuse on why you don’t hit your goals? I’m not going to lie…this has definitely been me before. I don’t follow through on reaching my goal and I come up with an excuse to justify why I didn’t.

Let’s dig deep today. What excuses are you telling yourself as to why your not reaching your goals? You feel like you aren’t smart enough, you don’t have the time, something came up that was more important…what ever your excuse is, I’m calling bull crap. This isn’t to say you don’t have good excuses, but I am saying that no matter the obstacles you COULD have accomplished your goal if you really wanted to (which leads my to my next point).

Today we are going to talk about 2 reasons as to why you aren’t hitting your goals. Number 1: You don’t care about it as much as you thought you did. Sometimes this might be hard to accept, but if you really think about it, is this goal REALLY that important to you? If your goal is not vital to you, your not going to accomplish it. Here’s an example: You goal is to lose 10 pounds. You set that goal because you want to look your best, but you already look pretty good, your healthy, and you enjoy having your treat every once in a while. Well, I hate to tell you but to me it sounds like you enjoy living your life and enjoy splurging sometimes more than losing that 10 pounds. Get real with yourself. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, heck, I have been in this exact spot before. What I’m saying is this goal isn’t important enough to you to accomplish, so instead of focusing on this goal for the next 5 years and beating yourself up over not achieving it, decide on a new goal that REALLY matters to you. Number 2: The way you are doing it isn’t working. You have found a goal that is extremely important to you, but you haven’t found a “system” that works yet. This is OK, but if you keep trying the same system that doesn’t work you aren’t going to hit your goal. Try a new system. The only way to know if it works or not for you is to try it. Don’t give up after the first couple ways don’t work (or they worked for your friends Rachel and Jessica but not for you). Everyone is different and if you keep looking for new ways to hit your goals you will find what works for you.

OK, so real quick lets sum up the three main points-

  1. Get real with yourself-What excuses are you telling yourself? Own up to them

  2. Make sure your goal really matters to you

  3. If your “system” isn’t working, try something new

If you get these three things figured out when it comes to your goals, it will be so much easier for you to hit them!

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