"What Success Really Means"

So last week I listened to Rachel Hollis’ podcast with John Maxwell “What Success Really Means” and needless to say I am obsessed. I loved every single thing they talked about! Whenever I listen to podcasts, read books, or watch motivational videos I always take notes so I can remember the things I love. So, today I wanted to share all of the notes I took from listening to this podcast. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I highly suggest it (it will rock your world)! Here are my notes:

You are either preparing or repairing. You are either dwelling on the past and trying to figure out how you can fix things or you are focusing on how you can tomorrow better than today.

Have intention in EVERYTHING you do. Going into “robot mode” will get you through sometimes but you will not grow. “Coasting” is easy… but EVERYTHING worthwhile is uphill.

A whiner wants to feel good to do something. A winner does something to feel good. That is the difference between those who win and those who don’t.

Dreaming is free. The journey is not. Motion causes friction. If you only have one reason to go after your goal you are going to quit pretty quickly. The more reasons you have to reach your dreams the easier it is. Going after your dreams is all uphill so the more reasons you have the easier it is to keep going when you hit roadblocks.

Average people want you to stay average.

Life is tough. Life is an uphill climb. Actually doing something with your life is tougher. Being a leader (climbing the hill AND telling others to climb it) is EVEN TOUGHER.

Success isn’t just about that end moment. Success is every right step you made along the way (the actually “successful moment” just shows up at the end). Graduating college is a success…but deciding to go to college, going to classes, studying for tests are all part of success too (you just don’t see it “pay off” until you are walking across the stage at graduation).

Small people make you feel small. Big people make you feel big. Most people make others feel small. Be something who makes others feel big (it DOES NOT take away from anything you have)!

When opportunity comes it is too late to prepare.

I hope you all are feeling inspired! Thanks for stopping by, I will see you next week!

XO, Kenz