5 Easy Ways to Get More Steps in Your Day

Hello beauties! I hope this post finds you well! It has been raining all week here in SoCal so we have been spending most of our time indoors (which can be a challenge when trying to entertain an energetic 70 lb puppy!!)

We are ALL trying to get more steps in our day (10,000+ being the goal) so I thought I would share 5 EASY ways that we can all get a few more steps in every day!

  1. Don’t drive around trying to find a prime parking spot…park a few rows back and you will be surprised how many more steps it gives you (and there are a lot less cars out there so less door dings!! haha)

  2. Take the stairs

  3. Leave your phone, remote, or whatever you use across the room so whenever you need it you get a couple extra steps in

  4. Get up every hour (especially if you have a desk job get up go for a little walk, grab a drink, go to the restroom)

  5. Set your alarm across the room so when it goes off you have to get up and turn it off (plus you are going to be more likely to actually get up and not press snooze, so its a win-win!)

XO, Kenz