Hey babes!! It’s 2019!! Happy New Year! I know everyone is hyped up on January motivation so I wanted to add a little to it! Here is a little piece of advice that can make a world of difference in your life:

Pretty good is a heck of a lot better than faking perfection any day of the week.

In addition… pretty good is also a heck of a lot better than not doing it at all because you want it to be perfect.

How many times have you done something and worried about it being perfect? Perfect is SO OVERRATED. I mean come on…if you raise good kids, if you do well at work, if the business you just started is beginning to take off, isn’t that good enough??? Perfection is an unrealistic expectation that just adds stress and anxiety into your life (especially when you are pretending to have it all together when you don’t). If you are busy worrying about raising perfect children or doing EVERYTHING perfectly that EVERYONE asks you to do…let me tell you girl… you are going to be SO overwhelmed and feel incredibly discouraged when you don’t see the results you want.

So, this year let’s give ourselves some grace and instead of aiming for perfection, let’s just do the best we can and be happy with that.

Here’s to a year of crushing our goals!!

XO, Kenz