Grocery Shopping 101

Hey babes! I hope this post finds you well!  When it comes to being healthy, oftentimes nutrition can be a big stumbling block.  In order to eat healthy you have to have healthy food in your kitchen therefore grocery shopping is HUGE!  Here are six tips to staying on track at the grocery store:

1. Make a list- be prepared! Know what you are going in for

2. Make sure you have all of your food groups (and meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, sacks) - make sure you get everything you need for the week so you can get the fuel you need

3.  DO NOT go when you are hungry - trust me!!! Going to the grocery store when you are hungry will make you buy so much stuff that is unnecessary, but that sound good in the moment (candy, chips, soda, bagel bites...the list could go on and on)!  You will spend so much more than if you go while you are full!

4.  Avoid aisles that you know you don't need anything on - another tip to staying away from things you don't need.  Odds are you will be less likely to buy something if you don't actually walk past it in the aisle.

5. Try to stay on the outer perimeter of the store - the perimeter of the store usually includes produce, dairy, and meat (aka the most important stuff).  The stuff of the outer edges of the store tends to be less processed than the foods on the aisles.

6.  Buy as much fresh stuff as you can - the fresher the better!  Fruit, veggies, yogurt, chicken, things that go in the fridge tend to be the freshest and the healthiest!

I hope this helps you out!  Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Kenz