Get Moving!

Hey babes!  Happy Wednesday!  What a beautiful day to be alive!  Today I am sharing with you 10 ways to get moving without actually working out.  Whether you don't have time one day for a workout or you are wanting to make healthier choices and find more ways to move throughout the day this post is for you!  After all, it's small changes everyday that make the big difference!  Commit to trying one or two of these ideas (or come up with your own) each day!

  1. Take the stairs-such an easy way to get more steps in and build leg muscle!
  2. Park further away than you normally would-oftentimes you will spend less time parking further away and walking in than looking for a spot up close
  3. Stretch during your lunch break-take a couple minutes out of your break to stretch or do a couple of strength exercises especially if you have been sitting all day!
  4. Get up every hour at work- even if it's just to the drinking fountain and back
  5. Clean your house- doing dishes, yard work, laundry, etc, is a great way to get yourself moving and be productive!
  6. Stand whenever you are talking on the phone- a good excuse to stand up especially if you have been sitting all day at work
  7. Walk or ride your bike somewhere you would normally drive 
  8. Take a break after you finish a task-everytime you finish something on your list take a minute to walk, stretch, or meditate
  9. Find reasons to get up and move-even things like checking the mail or meeting your kids at the bus stop can make a difference!
  10. Drink more water- killing two birds with one stone! You will stay hydrated and you will also have to get up more to go to the bathroom/fill up your water bottle

You don't have to make big changes in order to see a difference or create a healthy lifestyle. Small steps climb mountains. Commit to making healthy choices everyday!

XO, Kenz