Lower Body Blast

Hi beauties! Happy Wednesday!! Christmas is right around the corner and I know everyones schedules are hectic but that doesn’t mean you should cut out your workout! In fact BECAUSE things are so busy that is more of a reason to get a workout in! It will help reduce your stress levels and it doesn’t have to be long! Here is a 20 minute lower body workout that you can do anywhere!

Circuit 1: 10 minutes

-Air squats 15x

-Lunge jumps 10x each leg

-Single leg hip bridge 12x each leg

-Step ups 12x each leg (you can use some kind of a box or chair that is sturdy)

Circuit 2: 10 minutes

-Wall sit 30 seconds

-Squat jumps 15x

-Side lunges 12x each side

-Hip bridge marches 12x each side

For each circuit complete as many rounds as possible with as little rest as possible. If you have extra time complete each circuit one more time through!

Good luck!! I’ll see you after Christmas!

XO, Kenz