The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Hello lovlies! It is a wonderful day to be alive! I hope this post finds you well!

Today we are talking about habits. Habits are something we all have in common…we all have some good habits and we all have some bad habits. I am sure we would all love to have more good habits than bad habits, but how do we do that??

Well, if you take anything from this post take this: IT IS EASIER TO IMPLEMENT A GOOD HABIT THAN IT IS TO GET RID OF A BAD HABIT. That is the moral of today’s post. And although it might sound a little depressing if you are hoping to get rid of some bad habits, it is actually a good thing! And here is how it works:

If you tell yourself you aren’t going to do your bad habit any more odds are you might last a couple days or a couple weeks and it is all you are going to think about. BUT, instead of telling yourself you are going to get rid of a bad habit, put a good habit in place of your bad habit. Let me take you through an example:

Let’s say you have a bad habit of snacking on unhealthy foods. You want to quit this habit, but you know it is going to be so hard that you don’t even try OR you do try and get frustrated when you give in. So instead, lets replace it with a good habit (without the pressure of feeling like we have to quit our snacking habit). Our new goal could either be to make sure we drink at least half of our body weight in water or making sure we get 5 servings of veggies. This new goal is going to help implement a good habit AND phase out our bad habit too. Why?? Because when you drink more water and eat more veggies you are going to feel more full and not snack as much. Also, your body craves what you give it, so the more water/veggies you give yourself the more you will crave them (and the less junk food you give yourself the less you will crave it). Does this mean you are going to be perfect?? No, probably not. But life is about balance and it is OK to snack on some junk food every now and then.

Instead of (intentionally) quitting our bad habit, we replaced it with a good habit. WIN WIN!! We now have one more good habit AND one less bad habit. BAM!!

This process can be used for EVERYTHING. So if you have a bad habit that you just WISH you could get rid of try replacing it with a good habit!

Well, that is all for today! I hope this helps you all out! It has seriously worked wonders in my life!

XO, Kenz