Changing Your Habits? Change Your Environment.

Hey y'all!  I hope you're having a wonderful week!  I have been sick all weekend and I am so happy I am starting to feel better!  Today is the first day I have been to the gym this week and a couple days rest is what I needed in order to feel better!  

Oftentimes I think we forget how big of an impact our environment has on our habits.  We go throughout our day doing our normal routine unaware of the fact that our environment has affected many of the choices we have made.

One of the biggest factors that will determine your eating habits is exposure.  Think about it for a second...if you have healthy foods in your house you will most likely eat healthy.  If you have unhealthy foods in your house you will most likely eat unhealthy.  If you are trying to change your eating habits the biggest change you can make is surrounding yourself with healthy foods.  Then if you want a treat and you have to drive all the way to the store you are less likely to eat treats as often as you would if they were in your house.  

Where you eat and who you eat with also have a big impact on what and how much you eat.  If you are alone all day, you are more likely to snack because of boredom than if you were with other people (trust me, I have been that person many times)!  Oftentimes when we go to a restaurant with friends we think about getting something, then we hear what our friends order and we change our mind.  We give into peer pressure without even realizing it!  How many times have you changed something you do because of something your friend said or did and you didn't even realize it?  Peer pressure and social pressures affect so many of the decisions we make in our lives!  My biggest tip to avoiding that is to have a game plan and be aware of peer pressure!  Go in knowing what you want.

Family members and friends also affect many of the decisions you make in a day.  Whether it's deciding whether or not to go to the gym, or what to wear that day.  Surround yourself with others who share the same values and goals as you and you will find yourself happier and more likely to achieve your goals.

Even things like how far away you live from the grocery store, restaurants, or gym will affect your habits.  The closer you live to a gym the more likely you are to go.  The further away you live from restaurants the less likely you are to go.  The subconscious decisions you make without even thinking about it are made based on what your environment is like.  When you are surrounded by farmer's markets, healthy restaurants, a gym, and things that encourage good habits you are much more likely to make good choices, and the other way around as well. 

Everything from the choices your friends make to the size of your plate will affect your habits. Learn to recognize what helps you choose good decisions and steer away from the things you know make you choose poorly.  Habits don't form overnight so it is SO important to surround yourself with an environment that supports your goals.  So, in summary be aware of social/peer pressures, have a game plan, learn to recognize what helps you make good choices, and eliminate excuses (pack your gym bag the night before, wash and cut your veggies ahead of time, leave your floss out by your toothbrush...whatever good habit you are trying to create eliminate the excuses by planning and preparing so that you CAN'T make the wrong decision).

I love you guys and I am so grateful for the love and support you have shown me!  Surround yourself with positive vibes!!

XO, Kenz