15 Reasons To Smile When You Are Feeling Down

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a good week!  I have to be honest... I feel a little bit selfish about this week's post.  The reason I wrote it is because I really needed to hear it.  I have been sick for a couple weeks and I have been trying to stay positive, but sometimes it gets really hard! So even though I wrote this post because I needed to hear it, I am hoping that it will help some of you as well.  Here are 15 reasons to smile when you are feeling down:

  1. Things will get better- All trials are temporary.  Even though it seems like they go on forever, they will get better!
  2. You are strong.  You are beautiful.  You are important- Don't forget it!
  3. God has a plan for you- Things may not turn around how or when you want them to, but God always has a plan and a purpose.
  4. Things could be worse- I know you don't want to hear this, but it's true!  And this is what I needed to hear.  If we all had to throw our problems in a pile, I would grab mine back in a heartbeat!
  5. You have a place to live- Something you don't think about, but it is a HUGE blessing!
  6. You have a family that loves you- Don't take this for granted!
  7. You have food to eat and water to drink- A blessing you have that some other people don't have.
  8. You can do ANYTHING you want- We live in a time and age that you have the ability to do whatever you want- big or small.
  9. We live on such a beautiful planet- Look up at the sky, open your eyes to the world around you.  Slow down and realize the little things that surround you.
  10. You have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to love- USE THEM!
  11. You wake up each morning breathing- Something I bet you never even think about.  You are alive and breathing.  You are here for a purpose.  Thank God every morning that you wake up and are alive.
  12. There is a purpose in everything- No matter how bad things get, you can always learn something from your trial.  Try to see the silver lining when facing challenges.
  13. You are SO loved- You have people that love you that you don't even know!
  14. You can walk, talk, eat, lift, jump, and run- Things we often take for granted, but are really some of the biggest blessings we have.
  15. You have so much worth- No matter what situation you are in, the mistakes you make, or the choices you make, you worth is something that can NEVER be taken away from you!

I hope this helps you out! Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Kenz