Our lives can be hectic sometimes (or all of the time)!  We spend all day working for someone (or taking care of kids) and often forget to take care of ourselves.  Self-care is SO important!  I find that when I don't take care of myself I get exhausted and burnt out (and I would be willing to bet that you are the same way). Self-care isn't a one time deal...find time EVERY SINGLE DAY to take care of yourself!  Can't think of anything?? Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Meditation/ power nap
  2. Stretch
  3. Write in your journal
  4. Have a self date (go to the bookstore, a museum, or a movie by yourself.  At first it might feel a little uncomfortable, but I have found that I actually love going out and spending some time on my own)
  5. Be selfish (do something for yourself that you have been wanting to do!)
  6. Go for a run/ walk (or have a dance party... my personal favorite!)
  7. Get rid of negative people on social media THEN UNPLUG (get rid of all of your electronics for an hour)
  8. Get out of your comfort zone (this one is hard for me!!)
  9. Laugh
  10. Have a home spa (do a face mask, take a long shower, do your nails...or all three!)

I seriously can't even begin to express how much self-care has made a difference in my life (ESPECIALLY when going through depression)!  I know a lot of people go through some type of depression in their life whether it's being a new mom and being locked up in the house all day, a new job, being laid off, (whatever it is) self-care will make a positive change in your life! Since I have made it a priority I have found myself happier, less stressed, and feeling more "myself"! Your body is so important and therefore is it vital that you take care of it and learn to enjoy life!

Love you all!  Have a fantastic rest of your week!

XO, Kenz