What's in my Gym Bag...

Today is a great day to be alive!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week and are remembering to count your blessings!

Going to the gym and being active is such a huge part of my life and therefore what is in my gym bag is crucial for me!  Today I am going to give you a look at everything in my gym bag!

  • Towel - to wipe off all of that sweat!
  • Headphones - getting in the zone is huge for me and music helps so much!
  • Tennis ball - I have tendonitis in my foot so I love to roll my feet out after I workout (it's also the best for getting out those tender spots)!
  • Mini bands - I love using these in my workouts
  • Therabands - I like to use these for stretching, physical therapy, and for getting my muscles warmed up
  • Pen and paper - to write my workouts out
  • Fruit snacks - just in case I need that extra boost while I am at the gym!
  • Hydroflask - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  My hydro always comes to the gym with me!
  • Pony tail elastics - you can never have too many!
  • Apple Watch - okay, I don't keep it in my gym bag, but I wear it every single time I go to the gym!

I love you all!

XO, Kenz