Overcoming Insecurities


Hello babes! Happy Wednesday!

I know we all have or have had a time in our lives where we wish we could change something about ourselves.  Well for me it was my legs.  Growing up as a gymnast I always felt the pressure to be thin.  I remember competing while I was in high school and thinking "why can't I look like her?" or "why can't my legs be as skinny as hers?" (it's bad, I know... but that was the truth!)  Well then I got to college and the coaches would constantly tell us that being on TV made us look 10 pounds heavier.....ya, well that sure as heck didn't help me!  I was already self-conscious being in a leotard and competing on live TV and now I am being told I will look 10 pounds heavier!  Needless to say that didn't make me feel any better.

It wasn't until after my college career that I began my journey with self-love.  Even now, I am definitely not perfect at it, but I am taking small steps every day that make a huge difference! So here is how I was able to overcome my biggest insecurity:

I had to learn to love myself.  I had to realize my self-worth and my beauty came from within.  I had to realize that there is no one type of beautiful.  Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.  I won't always be looking my best (or dressing the best, or in my best shape) but that doesn't define beauty.  Beauty and self-worth is something that no one can take away from you!

**Practice self-affirmations.  It can be so hard to learn to love yourself.  And sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.  Write down something you are going to say to yourself every morning when you look in the mirror.  At first you might not believe what you say, but after saying it every morning for several months you WILL start to believe it!  Believing it will then lead to actions.  And actions lead to habits.  It can all start with just one little phrase!  (Ex: I am strong, sexy, and beautiful!)**

I learned that what I thought was my weakness was actually my biggest strength.  I have always been insecure of my muscular legs.  I have always wanted long lean legs that look perfect in every pair of jeans.  Well, what I didn't realize (until recently) was that my legs are actually one of my biggest blessings!  If I didn't have my muscular legs I wouldn't have been able to do half the stuff I did in gymnastics!  And I truly believe that the strength in my legs helped me to not get injured all the time.  Even though I constantly rolled my ankles, landed short, or tweaked something the pain never lasted more than a couple of days.  Looking back I realized that I have my body to thank for that!  My legs give me the ability to do SO MUCH athletically!!

It is amazing how God knows exactly what you need even if it takes you a lifetime to figure it out! Learn to love yourself exactly the way you are!  Confidence is beauty!

XO, Kenz