Strong is the new Beautiful

Hello all!!  I hope you are doing fantastic!  Today I want to talk about my all time favorite book- Strong is the new Beautiful by Lindsey Vonn.  If you have ever struggled with body image, your relationship with diet/exercise, and even if you are just a woman in general... you need to read this book!!  I agree with everything Lindsey talks about in this book.   When I was reading it I was thinking, "wow, if I were to write a book about health and fitness this is exactly what I would write!"

I love how she emphasizes the need to stop obsessing about losing weight and start focusing on getting strong and loving your body.  Lindsey talks about the struggle of maintaining her body image as a professional skier and I (as a gymnast for 18 years) was able to relate so much to her story and the feelings and experiences she went through.  Reading this book helped me to realize the importance of loving my body and having a healthy relationship with food and fitness.  Today I want to share with you some of my favorite parts from the book, but I encourage you all to go and read the whole book!  I promise you won't be disappointed!

"When you commit to getting strong, you agree to go on an incredible journey that will transform you."  <-- Couldn't agree more with this powerful statement!

"Why make it your goal to get strong? 1. Your self-confidence will triple 2. You will feel more beautiful and sexy, no matter your shape of size3. You will improve your health in ways you never knew possible4. You will discover more happiness and joy in your everyday life5. You will help empower your body and mind to seek new heights and goals."

"The mental attitude you need to change your body quickly in a positive way: 1. Stop thinking you have to go on a "diet" to lose weight 2. If you don't believe exercise can be fun, you haven't found the right workout for you 3. Mentally break up with the myth that you have to be skinny to be beautiful"

"Splurging is normal.  It's how you handle a splurge that makes the difference between fit and fat"

"Making certain foods off-limits will prevent you from getting strong and lean"

"Five steps to find your Fitness You: 1. Make a list of all the possible activities you think you might ever enjoy 2. Try at least one new workout for twenty minutes every week 3. If you give something five stars out of then, try is again next week 4. Four is the magic number.  Try any workouts that you think you might like at least four times before deciding if they're a good fit for you 5. Keep the adventure alive".


Honestly I wish I could share the whole book with every single one of you because that is how amazing it is!  I urge you all to go pick up a copy of the book for yourself because this is just a small glimpse of all of the goodness in the book!  I love you all and hope you realize your beauty!

XO, Kenz