5 ways to help with bloating


Good morning and happy Thursday!  If you are anything like me you have those weekends (or weeks) where you eat way too much junk food and Monday morning rolls around and you literally feel ten pounds heavier.  Don't worry and don't think you are the only one that happens to.  It happens to so many of us (sometimes more than we would like to admit) but that is no excuse to go off the rails!  Even though we can't totally transform our bodies in a couple of days, there are a couple things we can do to help decrease bloating-

1. Drink lemon water (and lots of it)!  I usually drink 60oz of water a day but when I am feeling bloated I try to drink 90oz for the next couple days.

2. Increase your potassiam and protein intake

3. Stay away from carbonation 

4. Decrease your sodium intake

5. Eat lots of cooked veggies!

Hope this helps you guys out!  Keep pushing forward! You are all rock stars!! Have a fantastic week!

XO, Kenz