25 ways to brighten your day

Hello!  I hope you all are doing fantastic!  I also hope you all enjoyed my post last week (a little on the personal side)!  Whether you are facing depression or if you are ever just having a bad day, this post is for you!  Today I am sharing with you 25 ways to brighten your day!

1. Go for a walk

2. Take a nap

3. Paint your nails

4. Drink a bottle of water

5. Go shopping

6. Watch your favorite show on Netflix

7. Read a book

8. Make cookies

9. Take a drive

10. Listen to music

11. Workout-- get your sweat on!

12. Take a bubble bath

13. Dress up for no reason

14. Give someone a hug

15. Have a solo dance party (One of my personal favs!!)

16. Write down 10 things you are grateful for

17. Unplug from technology

18. Try a new hairstyle or makeup look

19. Serve someone

20. Cook a healthy meal

21. Go outside

22. Call a family member or friend just because

23. Pray

24. Set a timer (In 15 minutes I will do X)

25. LAUGH.  A LOT!

I hope this helps you guys!  I know from my own experience that when you are having a bad day it can be so hard to change your attitude.  Try one of these (or more) and I promise it will help you feel better!  Have a wonderful week!

XO, Kenz