Best ways to burn fat!

Happy Thursday!  I hope you are doing fabulous!  Summer is just around the corner, which means swimsuit season!  I know not everyone will be excited about that, but there is no need to worry because today I am talking about two of the best and fastest ways to burn fat!  

The first way is HIIT training (high intensity interval training).  It is one of my favorite ways to train because it combines cardio with lifting AND even a short workout can be effective!  HIIT consists of short bursts of high intensity followed by either lower intensity or rest.  What do I mean exactly? Well here are two examples of awesome HIIT workouts!

1. 20 minutes *Complete as many rounds as you can with as little breaks as possible

-15 burpees

-1 minute wall sit

-50 yard sprint

-40 Russian twists

-20 lunge jumps

2. 15 minutes  *Complete as many rounds as you can with as little breaks as possible

-8 pull ups

-30 long jumps

-8 single leg squats

-50 high knees

-30 bicycles

The second awesome way to burn fat fast is interval training!  I guess you could technically consider them the same, however I treat them differently!  For HIIT I like to combine cardio with lifting exercises, but for interval training I just focus on cardio AKA lots of sprints!!  This is a great way to work on your speed, get your cardio in (and have it be the most effective), and keep things short and sweet!  Interval training is my go-to for cardio because I never get bored and I ALWAYS break a sweat!  Here are two examples of interval training (my favorite places to do it is on a spin bike or a treadmill):

1. 15 minutes on treadmill: 30 second sprint followed by 30 second rest (repeated for 15 minutes)

2. 12 minutes on spin bike: 15 second sprint followed by 10 second rest (repeated for 12 minutes)

*I usually start my first couple sprints at 80-85% intensity so that by the time I get to the last 5-6 sprints I go push myself to hit 100% intensity AKA all out!!

Hope this helps you guys out!  As always let me know if you have any questions! Love you all!

XO, Kenz