Find your fitness!

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!  I hope this post finds you well!  Today I want to talk a little bit about something I have found to be so true... FINDING YOUR FITNESS!!! What does this mean???? This means finding something that you love!  Working out/exercising doesn't just mean lifting weights or is so much more!  Being healthy isn't just about an hour a day when you're supposed to exercise...being healthy is a lifestyle and the key to living a healthy lifestyle is being happy.  In order to be truly happy you have to find things you love!  Here is a list of some ways to stay healthy that are outside of the normal "working out":

-Paddle boarding


-Horseback Riding



-Going on a walk

-Rock climbing


-Playing with your kids



-Jumping Rope



-Water skiing



-Riding a bike




-Roller Blading

-Shopping (one of my personal favorites!!)


-Ice Skating

I encourage you to go out and try something new this week!  Even if it sounds crazy, you will never know unless you try!  You may end up finding something you love!  There may not be something on this page for everyone, but the list goes on forever!  Don't stop looking until you find something that makes you happy!

Check out this cute video from our Hawaii trip made by my wonderful sister-in-law!!

Love you all!

XO, Kenz

*Inspired by Strong is the new Beautiful* More to come in a later post!!