Goals and Resolutions...

With New Years just around the corner, it becomes the time when everyone is setting goals and New Years Resolutions.  But what makes the difference between setting goals/resolutions and actually being able to accomplish them?  For all of you gym goers out there, I am sure you have noticed the difference in the gyms between December and January.  EVERYBODY is in the gym in January  (because most people's goals are "get fit" or "lose weight"), but February and March come along and the gym starts to die down a little bit.  Today we are going to talk a little bit about setting good goals/resolutions and how to actually achieve them!

I am sure you have all heard of SMART goals (and it may sound dumb), but using that acronym when setting goals actually makes a huge difference!  Like I said before a lot of people's goal is to "get fit" or "lose weight" but that doesn't say anything about what you are going to do to get there and it doesn't have something you can actually measure (how can you tell when you are fit or not fit??).  So, let's go through it real quick:

Specific: Simple but significant.  If you are making a couple goals for yourself dial each goal in...What do you want to accomplish? How am I going to accomplish it?  What resources do I need?  Why is this goal important to me?

Measurable: Something that you can look at and say "I accomplished that."  When your goal is just to lose weight it's hard to measure without a number attached to it.  Set a goal that is black and white without any grey area.  

Achievable:  Set a goal that you will be able to accomplish.  If you set a goal that isn't achievable you will eventually give up (and feel like a failure) <-- Not healthy!

Realistic: Something reasonable and relevant.  AKA not "My goal is to make a million dollars this year."

Timely: Set a time frame for yourself whether it be a month, 6 months, a year, or 5 years!  This way you can hold yourself accountable to getting the things you want done without just saying 'ohh I will start tomorrow or next month'.  

So now that you know how to set your goals/resolutions what can you do to follow through with them?  Here are some of my tips for achieving goals:

Break it down: Goals can be overwhelming (especially if they last the whole year or if it requires a big change) so break it down into smaller steps.  If you goal goes over the course of the year have your "main goal", but then create smaller goals (or steps) to accomplish your bigger goal.  This way your goal doesn't seem so overwhelming and you will be able to notice the progress you have made over the weeks and months as you accomplish your smaller goals.

Write it down/Don't be afraid to share it: These two are key for holding yourself accountable. When you write your goal down and tell other people what your goal is you are much more likely to achieve it.  A lot of people are afraid to write it down or tell other people because they fear that they will not reach their goal.  However, doing these two things will help you to stay motivated to accomplish your goals.

Get someone to do it with you: It is a lot easier for me to commit to eat a healthier/more balanced diet when my husband and I commit to do it together.  It limits your distractions/temptations when the people  (and things) around you are positive and encouraging rather than pulling you down.  Whatever your goal or resolution is, find someone to do it with you!  On days where you don't feel as motivated it will be a lot easier to keep up with your new habits.

Prepare (for roadblocks):  It is so important to prepare for your goal!  If one of your goals is to workout in the morning (and you know you aren't a morning person) set your clothes out the night before, have your breakfast ready, and decide in your mind that you are going to go.  Do the things that are necessary to accomplish what you want to do.  Preparing to accomplish your goals also means being ready for road blocks.  You goals aren't going to come without challenges. Be ready to face them and not give up when they come your way.

Make goals that are just within your reach: Don't be afraid to push yourself!  But, don't set a goal so far out of reach that it's not attainable.  If you set a goal too far out of reach, you are eventually going to give up when you realize you can't reach it. On the other hand, if you set a goal that is too easy you won't push yourself enough to make the change that you actually want.

Thanks for stopping by!  I can wait to hear y'alls goals and resolutions for this coming year!  See you next year!

XO, Kenz