A Morning with Kayla Itsines...

Happy Wednesday!  I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming!  The holidays are my favorite time of year, but it definitely doesn't feel like Christmas when it's 75 degrees and sunny outside! We are so excited to head to Utah this afternoon to spend time with family/friends and hopefully have a white Christmas!

So, last week was a very exciting week!  I got the opportunity to spend the morning with Kayla Itsines as she talked about her new book "The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide".  Today I want to share with you guys some of the things she talked about last Friday! Let me just start off by saying SHE IS AMAZING!  She is such a beautiful and humble woman who is so inspiring! She is so genuinely nice and surprisingly witty!  

One of the first things that Kayla talked about was a study she and Tobi did about women and fitness.  They found that 98% of women surveyed said they felt insecure about their body at some point (less than 1/3 of us are actually happy with our bodies).  Along with that they found that most of us are the most insecure about our abs.  The most astonishing part of the study is that more than 56% of us choose NOT to workout because of how we feel about our bodies.  LIKE WHAT?!? That blew me away!  They came to the conclusion that a lot of us quit working out because we lose motivation.  That is why she wrote this book, to help keep women motivated to a healthy lifestyle.

She talked a lot about how important it is to listen to your body and take a break when you need a break.  HOWEVER, that is not to be confused with just not being motivated.  Many of us feel so guilty to take time for ourselves, but she expressed how important it is to do things for yourself!

She also spoke about the necessity of preparing and making plans.  Don't go to a party thinking you are not going to have any cake or pizza.  It is unreasonable and you will end up eating everything and feeling so guilty about it (I have been there more times than I would like to admit)! So, instead make a reasonable plan!  Enjoy parties, outings, and holidays without feeling guilty, but hold yourself accountable to your plans and your workouts.  

Don't throw the whole day away just because you made one bad choice (also something I have done may times!)  Just because you had a brownie at lunch doesn't mean to forget the rest of the day, eat all the junk food you want, and just start over tomorrow.  That's not how it works!  Just because you missed a couple days of your workout program, does that mean you start all the way over from the beginning?? NO! Pick up where you left off!  It's actually kind of ridiculous if you actually think about it!  And same goes for nutrition!  How many times have you said okay I'm going to start eating healthy tomorrow so I am going to eat as much junk food as I can today.  The first couple days you eat so good.  Day 4 or 5 rolls around, you are losing a little bit of motivation and you eat a donut.  You just say 'screw it, I will start again tomorrow' and eat all the junk food you can that day.  It is a process that goes on forever. Instead of falling into that cycle, STAY ON THE TRAIN! Finish the day off strong if you know you made a not-so-good choice earlier in the day. (Preparing and planning helps so much with this!)

Set goals.  Write your goals down.  Write out how you are going to do it.  BE PREPARED FOR ROAD BLOCKS.  So many of our New Year's resolutions are "get fit".  Alright, well that's a real nice goal to have, but how are you doing to do that???  (And I hate to break it to you, but you are never going to look like "her" or "him"- like it is physically not possible!)  Well, I'm going to get a gym membership (which is X amount every month), I am going to go in the mornings before work, and so on.  Plan everything out!  There is much more to "getting fit" than just working out.  Make sure you can do everything needed to accomplish that goal.  But, be ready for road blocks.  It isn't going to happen without any struggles.  Plan for them and they will be easier to get over.

One of my favorite things she talked about... Even if you are the prettiest person in the world, if you are mean people will hate you.  LIKE WOW.  SO TURE! And I had never even thought about that, but the second she said that it made so much sense.  Beauty comes from within. The people you love the most are the people who are nice.  Such a simple concept, but so powerful as well!  

Even though you think people are walking around criticizing everything about you, they aren't! We are all so concerned about it though.  I wish I could explain it the way she did, but I can't, so I am going to do my best to get the point across!  People don't walk around lifting your skirt up to see if you have a thigh gap, or lifting up your shirt to see what your boobs look like.  That is what we think other people do to us, BUT THEY DON'T! Who cares what you are wearing or what your hair looks like.  No, I'm not saying don't ever get ready, but when you do, do it for yourself, not for other people.  Chances are, if you are sitting in a classroom, you don't even know what the person behind you is wearing unless you actually turn around and look at them.  I guess what I am trying to say is that we all think that people notice everything about what we look like/what we wear, but that is all just in our heads.  That's not what people actually do.

People value so many things in their lives, but not their health.  Your health is something that should be the most valuable!  Take care of yourself and find ways that help you stay motivated to being healthy!

I hope you all enjoyed! Thanks for stopping by! 

XO, Kenz

*Concepts from this post are from Kayla Itsines and her book, "The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide", however all opinions are my own.*