In the Trees...

This past weekend in Arizona was a blast!!!-lots of golf, football, family, jeeping, and time in the trees!! ↑↑↑ It was so fun being able to spend time with my family and enjoy some nice warm weather -plus BYU football won 😜!  On Saturday morning we headed up so Flagstaff for a fun adventure!  My family lives in Chandler and when we got up to Flagstaff it was a whopping 35 degrees cooler!!  We did the Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course and I would highly recommend it to anyone!  It is basically like a big obstacle course up in the trees!  They have tons of zip lines, rope swings, bridges, and as they say "suspended sunrises".  You start about 20 feet off the ground and by the time you reach levels four and five you are about 60-70 feet up (and it feels like twice that high!!) I love thrill seeking adventures and let me tell did not disappoint!  But if you are not a thrill seeker don't be worried, you can still do it!  They have five different levels and whenever you want to be done you can.  My aunt who is super afraid of heights still made it through the first three levels!  Also, if you have little kiddos who want to have some fun they have a kids course too!  If you are heading down to Arizona soon I highly recommend doing this because it is a great adventure and you get to spend time with you family/friends!  I hope you all have a great week!

Click on this link to check out more about it!


XO, Kenz