The key to happiness...

Today I am so excited to be sharing with you guys something that is so pivotal in my marriage!! For the 15 months that I have been married I have learned how much of a necessity it is to spend quality time just me and my husband.  Life gets so busy with us both having jobs, especially since his requires him to be there early in the morning and mine late at night.  I feel like during the week the only time we spend together is eating dinner late at night and getting ready for bed.  It is so hard to love someone so much but feel like you never get to spend time together! 

Jon and I have noticed how much spending quality time together has impacted our marriage.  I know I can speak for both of us when I say I can notice a huge difference in our home when we don't get the chance to spend that time with each other.  

With the technology filled world we live in today it is so common to spend time with someone, but not actually BE WITH them.  I know in our house we are both so tired when we get home from work that it becomes super easy to be on our phones during dinner, lay on the couch watching TV, or be on the computer instead of using energy to actually communicate with each other and talk about our day.  We become so involved with what is going on on the screen instead of in real life.  I know that I speak for more than just us when I say it is easier to look at a screen than it is to actually communicate with the people around you.

Knowing how important spending quality time with your spouse, fiance, boyfriend/girlfriend is, I have put together a short list of what we do in order to actually be with each other when we are together:

Find something you both love to do - For us our favorite thing to do together (other than shop) is to go golfing (hence all of the golfing pics I had him take haha)!  Now, don't get me wrong - I am really, really bad, but it is honestly so relaxing to get out on the course after a long week and spend some time together doing something we both love!  I can definitely say it makes our relationship stronger!

No distractions during dinner - Yes, that means phones away and TV is off!  Take this time to talk about each other's day and really LISTEN!

Pillow talk - Honestly one of my favorite parts of the day because whatever we are talking about I know I have Jon's full attention and he has mine.  We can talk about whatever is on our minds, things that are bugging us, or some nights it is simply just saying our prayers and "I love you's".

Weekly date night - Definitely the day of  the week I look forward to most because I actually get to go out with my handsome husband!  I think I love it so much because oftentimes in marriage we forget that we are still dating our spouse.  It is a perfect reminder for us to do all of the things we used to when we were just dating and not actually married or engaged.

Work out together - One of the things we probably do the most.  And if it's not working out together, it's me training him and him telling me he doesn't want to do that certain exercise haha. Although he is my hardest client, it always makes me smile getting to be with him at the gym before I go home at the end of the day.

While quality time isn't the only fundamental part of a marriage, it is a huge key in making a happy marriage!  

Let me know some of your favorite ways to spend quality time with your significant other and some of your date night ideas for Fall!

Love you all, have a fantastic Saturday!!

XO, Kenz