Fair Fun

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Friday night we went to the fair and it was so much fun!  We went with a group of friends and needless to say it was a blast!  It was so fun getting to see some of my friends and catch up on what we have missed!  I love living in Holladay, but sometimes it is hard cause my friends live so far away!

Going to the fair is one of my favorite things to do every year.  It always makes for priceless memories!!  This was my first year going with my husband and it did not disappoint!  We started off the night riding on the pirate ship (I'm not sure if it is just me, but it is a lot more intense that I ever remember!!)  Our next ride was my favorite, but it was definitely not Jon's!  We went on the Zipper and luckily the ride wasn't very long because I think Jon was about to cry haha.  I love rides where you are up high and flipping around, but he hates Ferris wheels and this was even worse than that!  The whole ride he was screaming his head off (literally scared out of his mind) and I was next to him dying laughing.  Needless to say that will be an experience I will never forget (I'm sure he won't either!!)  

I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have and for the time we spend together!  As I have gotten older I have realized the importance of having good friends and I can truly say that I am blessed to have the friends that I do!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!  Make some good memories!!

XO, Kenz