Huntington Beach

The first three days in Huntington Beach we had a girl's trip.  It basically consisted of laying out on the beach, eating acai bowls and tacos, and going out do dinner/shopping.  It was seriously the most relaxing couple days of my life!  Each morning for breakfast we road bikes down to The Acai King to get our acai bowls and smoothies.  As you can probably tell - because we had them everyday - they were soo good!!! We also ate lunch everyday at Sancho's Tacos (aka the best tacos there are).  We definitely got our fill of acai bowls and tacos on this trip!

When the boys arrived we decided to take a surfing lesson!!! It was seriously SO fun- don't get me wrong though, it is tough out there! I think I swallowed at least a gallon of ocean water.  It definitely took me a couple tries to get up, but once I did I rode a 5 foot wave all the way into shore!  After our lesson we were so exhausted!  I give big props to all the surfers out there because it is definitely a challenging sport!

Our last day in Huntington Beach we took family pics on the beach. I am seriously blessed with the amazing family I married into!  We also went to The Crab Cooker (which is their all-time favorite restaurant) for dinner.  I am not a fan of seafood, but my in-laws love it!

What my daily routine usually consisted of......

-Wake up around 8 am to go for a run and workout

-Around 9:30 am we would ride our bikes along the boardwalk to go get breakfast

-Come back from breakfast, got ready and headed to the beach (laid out, played paddleball, and got destroyed by the waves haha)

-Around noon we would walk to lunch, go to some of the surf shops, then head back to the beach 

-Usually around 4 or 5 we would go back to the condo, get ready, and head out to dinner and whatever adventure we decided to do that night!

Pic cred ^ the amazing Jane Halliday

Sorry for the long post, but it was such a fun trip! I highly recommend going to Huntington Beach.  There is so much to do there and it is beyond beautiful!   Love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week!

XO, Kenz