Utah Mountains...

Cardigan (similar)         Jeans          Booties          Shirt

The best part about Utah is definitely the mountains!  It is so fun during the Fall/Winter to drive up the canyon and admire how incredible and beautiful the mountains are.  I love being up in the mountains because it makes me stop thinking about all of the craziness in my life and clear my head.  God has blessed us with such a beautiful place to live and it gets so easy to take advantage of it!  Take a second to stop, look around, and realize all of the things you have been blessed with!

For Fall you can never go wrong with a cardigan and booties (and the cardigan literally feels like I'm wearing a blanket)!  I will definitely be wearing them probably every day for the next little while!

Hope you all are having a lovely week!

XO, Kenz

p.s We have some HUGE news that will be coming to you tomorrow! Stay tuned!!