How to be Brave

How to be brave-

I am going to sum up this post in one sentence:

You cannot be brave if you are tired. 

That’s it. Period. If you want to be brave then you need to rest up and get prepared because being brave requires a lot of work. Being brave is HARD and the only way you can do something hard is if you have the energy to do so. When you are tired you are just going to go with the flow and do what’s easy. 

I know that post is short (and maybe not what you wanted to hear), but there is so much power in those words- you cannot be brave if you are tired. 

If you are ready to start making some changes in your life... get rested and get ready! 

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At Home HIIT

Good morning babes!! I hope this post find you well!

Not having any equipment, not having a gym membership, and not having enough time are all excuses you tell yourself so you don’t have to workout. If getting or staying healthy is a priority for you then you need to ditch the excuses and get to work! HIIT workouts are so great because they are quick, they can be done at home without any equipment, AND training at a high intensity will help you get the most out of your workout!

Here is a quick 16 minute HIIT workout for you to try that can be done anywhere!

Complete each exercises for 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest period. Complete the whole circuit 4 times through for a total of 16 minutes:


-Ab bike

-Air squat

-Push up

I will see you all next week!