We are so excited to announce that we are moving to…… PASADENA, CA!!!  We are thrilled (and a little nervous) for this new adventure! 

We have loved our time in San Diego and it will be tough to leave!  I have truly been blessed with the best job here that makes saying goodbye so hard!!  I am so thankful for all of the relationships we have built here and for the kindness everyone has shown us!  Nothing beats San Diego weather and being able to go to the beach in November!

I am excited, stressed, anxious, nervous, and eager for this next chapter!!  Change is so hard for me, but I know good things are in store for us!

Jon started his new job in Pasadena about 2 months ago and has been staying up there during the week so he doesn’t have to commute as far (California traffic is unreal)!  Needless to say we are both excited to be together again full time (8 weeks is too long to be living by yourself)!!

Jon’s new job is with Johnson & Johnson in the medical device field.  I am so happy that he has found a job that he enjoys and is passionate about!  We will be moving this Monday (11/27) and I still have not packed a single thing!!  Although I am super stressed about everything that comes along with moving I am so excited to move into our new apartment!  (Our apartment is actually in a city just outside of Pasadena, called Arcadia, but I know if I said Arcadia no one would know where that is haha!)

Thank you for the love and support you all have shown us!!


XO, Kenz

HIIT Workout

Hey babes! Happy Wednesday!  I have been enjoying this "Fall" weather here in San Diego lately...well as Fall as it gets here, so I take full advantage of it!  I'm  currently drinking a hot chocolate and watching a Hallmark movie as I write!  As much as I love the sun and warmth, this cool weather actually makes it feel like we are getting closer to Thanksgiving (and Christmas)!

Anyways,  in case you don't know by now, I do HIIT Fridays every week and it is one of my favorite training days!  I love incorporating sprints and plyometrics into my workouts to increase the intensity and get that extra burn!  The workout I did this last Friday was especially brutal (but in a good "I crushed it now I need to go lay down" kind of way haha) so I thought I would share it with you guys!  Enjoy!

Circuit 1

  • 20 second sprint (I did 12-13 mph)
  • 10 weighted squat jumps (10-15 lbs)
  • 8 each side renegade row (try not to wiggle your hips)
  • 15 in-n-outs
  • ---Rest until the two minute mark then repeat for a total of 6 rounds (12 minutes)!

Circuit 2

  • 10 weighted glute/ham raises immediately followed by 10 pulses (keeping tension on your glutes/hamstrings)
  • 12 bicep curl (heavy)
  • 10 burpee jacks (burpee to a jumping jack)
  • 30 bicycles each side (first 10 super slow focusing on holding the “crunch” position, the last 20 normal speed)

Complete a total of 4 rounds as fast as you can (little to no rest in-between sets), but don't sacrifice form!

Circuit 3

  • 9 assisted pull-ups (I did 3 in each grip- pull up, neutral grip, and chin up)  Tip: go as light as you can on the weight to the point where you can barely make the last one
  • 10 around the worlds (shoulders)
  • 10 squat jumps
  • 12 straight leg sit ups

Complete a total of 4 rounds as fast as you can (little to no rest in-between sets), but don't sacrifice form!

Circuit 4

  • 20 long jumps (brushing your hands on the floor and getting your booty low)
  • 20 weighted walking lunges (total)
  • 12 chest flys on exercise ball (the slower the better!)
  • 12 (total) v-ups with exercise ball (alternating between feet and hands)

Complete a total of 4 rounds as fast as you can (little to no rest in-between sets), but don't sacrifice form!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fabulous rest of your week!

XO, Kenz